Hamish Buchanan

Published Artworks




Untitled (from Veiled Men), Homogenius Four, artists' limited edition boxed set, Toronto



Still (pagework), Homogenius III, limited edition artists' magazine, Mercer Union, Toronto


Repose (pagework), Sensoria from Censorium, Vol. II, ed. John Marriot, Mangajin Books, Toronto




Selected published writing



Ornament, decoration and camp transcend their kitsch upbringing, Rococo Tattoo at The Power Plant), Xtra!, #331


Blind Bird in Flight (excerpt from a novel-in-progress), Suggestive Poses: Artists and Critics Respond to Censorship, Lorraine Johnson, ed., The Riverbank Press/Toronto Photographers Workshop, Toronto, p. 53



Robert Flack (obituary), Xtra!, #235, and Parallelogramme, V.19, #36


The Cloak of Invisibility and The Luxurious Object of Display, essay for The Pressing of Flesh, catalogue, The Floating Gallery, Winnipeg


The wild boys: Evergon exhumes homoerotic culture, Xtra!, #220


Get the Idea? (General Idea's Fin de Siecle at The Power Plant), Xtra!, #218



Straight Back in Their Eyes: Some thoughts on seeing through difference, essay for 100 Years of Homosexuality, catalogue, The Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon


Red hot and taboo (on Robert Flack), Xtra!, #209



Body-positive invocations: Robert Flack's Empowerment, Views, V.8, #2



On Mapping a Decade, (with Nina Levitt), Public Exposures: One Decade of Contemporary Canadian Photography, catalogue, Toronto Photographers Workshop, Toronto


Canada in the World: at the Fotographie Biennale Rotterdam II, Views, V.7, #4



Belief Structure (at Mercer Union, curated by Andy Fabo), Vanguard, December


Putting Myself in the Picture: A Political, Personal and Photographic Autobiography, by Jo Spence, and Winogrand: Figments from the Real, by John Szarkowski, (book reviews) Photo Communique, Summer